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TRUE STORY: In a small college town, there was a bar that was often frequented by the students. A few days before parents weekend, the bar actually ran an Ad in the campus paper. “Bring Your Parents for Lunch Saturday. We’ll Pretend We Don’t Know You!” The college chaplain saw the Ad, and got an idea. He posted on the campus bulletin board: “Bring Your Parents to Chapel Sunday. We’ll Pretend We Know You!”

A high school senior made an application to a certain university. She wrote on her application that she did not see herself as a good leader, but that she knew she was a good follower. The admissions officer wrote her back. “Applications for our freshman class indicate there are 599 leaders coming to our college next fall. Since we only have 600 openings, we feel obligated to be required to admit at least one follower. Please be advised that your application is accepted.


Charlie starts out telling Lucy, “Some day I want to be a humble, lowly, country doctor. One who out of the passion of his heart serves out his life in a humble community. And while I am there in all that humility, I want to discover a cure for something, and over-night become a world famous country doctor. (Charles Schultz)

Just so you know, being humble does not mean that you become a door-mat for other people. It does not mean you have to become a member of the Dependent Order Of Really Meek And Timid Souls

Matthew Henry said, “The meek are those who quietly submit themselves before God, to His Word, to his Rod, who follow His directions, and comply with His designs, and are gentle towards men.

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