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Someone years ago coined the phrase “Great things come in small packages.” The truth is in many ways this is absolutely true, and also in ways you might not think about. Did you know: A common flea can jump up to 200 times it’s own height. If a man could match that feat he could jump over the Eifel Tower in Paris. If you think you are so big Just try that some time. (I don’t want to try because I am afraid it would hurt when I landed) Did you know: A fly can lift a match and carry it. If a man had the same strength he could carry a 6 X 14 Glue-Lam 24 feet long. (It is possible several people would want to hire you) Did you know: Sometimes tiny marks have a huge significance. Years ago the wife of a wealthy man travelled overseas. She sent a telegram to her husband. Knowing that telegrams cost money per word, she was brief. “Found wonderful bracelet. Price $75,000.00 can I buy it?” Her husband being even more frugal, wired her back, “No, price too high!” TRUE STORY … the operator inadvertently left out the comma. The message now read, “NO PRICE TOO HIGH!” She bought the bracelet … the husband sued the telegram company and won (Morse code … spells out punctuation) Did you know: Little omissions of duty can create great havoc. You read in the news every now and then about a parent leaving their children home alone, or in a hot car. May be just a few minutes while they run to the store. Unfortunately, disaster happens in their absence. On more than one occasion … a soldier has thought he could leave his sentry post for a few minutes. A watching enemy takes advantage, and now the soldier has caused a breach in the defense. Some men are wounded and he is facing a court-martial.


TRUE STORY: Back in the earlier 1900’s, there was a well-known public speaker named Will Rogers. Will was a comedian as much as anything else. One day Will was applying for a passport and the clerk asked him for his birth certificate. Will simply stated that he didn’t have one. The clerk informed him she needed one in order to issue a passport. He asked her why. She replied, “So I can have proof of your birth.” Will answered, “Well, I’m here, ain’t I? Don’t I look like I’ve been born?”


A man ran into a veterinarian’s office, carrying his dog and screaming for help. The vet rushed in, grabbed the dog and put him on the examination table. A few minutes later the vet declared, “I’m sorry your dog has passed away. The man said, “I want a second opinion!” So the vet went in and brought out a cat. The cat walked from head to tail pawing and sniffing the dog. Finally the cat looked at the vet and meowed. The vet looked at the man and said, “Sir, the cat agrees your dog is dead.” The man was still unwilling to accept the fact that his dog was dead, so the vet brought in a black Labrador. The lab sniffed the dog from head to tail, and finally looked at the vet and barked. The vet looked at the man and said, “Sir, the dog agrees your dog is dead too.” The man finally agreed to the diagnosis. Then he asked, “Well, how much do I owe you?” The vet answered, “That will be five hundred and fifty dollars. The man replied, “550 dollars to tell me my dog is dead?” “Well, said the vet, ‘I would have only charged you fifty dollars for my initial diagnosis. The additional five hundred dollars was for the cat scan and lab tests.”

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