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One day a frog fell into a deep rut. He tried to get out, but he just couldn’t. Mrs. Frog, standing above, admonished. Beckoned, and belittled him but to no avail. She told him, “Come on, get out, we’ve got to go!” Mr. Frog said … NO WAY … I JUST CAN’T DO IT.” So … Mrs. Frog just hopped off down to the pond. In a few minutes … Mr. Frog appeared right beside her on the lily pad. She looked, and said, “I thought you said you couldn’t get out?” He responded, “A big truck came along and I had to.”

A fellow was walking through a cemetery one night. He fell into a grave that was ready for the next day. He tried and tried for several long minutes to get out … but he just could not. What he did not know was that an hour earlier, someone else had fallen into the same grave. When he finally stopped trying to climb out, he heard a voice behind him say, “You can’t get out, I have already tried.” ABOUT THAT TIIME THE 2ND FELLOW SUCCEEDED!


Some people just insist on doing things their own way no matter what! But that does not always work out. The story is told of 2 cowboys on a particular ranch. A steer got loose and it was a particularly wild one. They found it, but could not get it into the back of their truck. One of the cowboys had worked that ranch for many years. Understand … this was not his first rodeo. They went and got the meanest burro on the entire ranch. They tied the burro side-by side with the steer, with some very strong rope. Now, the burro was ornery. But that burro had one redeeming quality. That burro liked it back at the ranch. So, after they tied them together, they just drove back to the ranch. One week later, after seven days of throwing each other all over the place, and loosing a few pounds, the burro and the steer arrived at the ranch where they belonged.

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