Bible Reference

“Where does it say that?”

“What does the Bible teach on . . .?”

“Where can I find information in the Bible on . . .?”

Now easily locate information on what the Bible teaches in this comprehensive desktop guide. The solid truths of the Bible are alphabetically catalogued in this valuable resource for ministry students, pastors, Bible teachers—from beginners to those experienced in biblical knowledge.

Included in the unique layout are word definitions, cross-references, locations, and chronological studies of the topics and people of the Bible, key Hebrew original word meanings, plus added information for deeper research.

The Desktop Bible Reference features:

  • Biblical content summarized alphabetically
  • Information quickly and easily located
  • Scripture and biblical concepts cross-referenced
  • Chronological representation of biblical content
  • Maps detailing geography and journeys of Bible times.

The same God who inspired the men who wrote the pages of the Bible is still able to move on our hearts today and help us understand the meaning contained therein.

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