03. Sermon Types

There are three basic types of the most common preaching styles. All three are effective and are often chosen by personal preference.  No matter which one of the three types, the first thing one needs to do is to research and gather all the most important facts and information. Once you have all of the information discovery done, you now have three things accomplished.

  • You have the research information available to prepare a message.
  • You can now make an outline you can preach or teach a class from.
  • You can also use this information to prepare an outline to make available to your audience.
  • If someone misses a service they can also pick up a copy of the outline and obtain the information they missed.

Following are the distinctions of each type of message:

ONE: EXEGETICAL – Exegetical preaching is a great means of providing balanced and well-rounded ministry to people. In exegetical preaching, one preaches from the Bible verse by verse. The Bible contains a complete chronicle of every category of information that people need to know about any subject of the Christian faith.

This sermon section contains sample researches and a gathering of facts from the first ten chapters of the book of Genesis. The book of Genesis is the foundation of the information contained in the Bible. These ten chapters define the basis of creation, marriage, family life, sin, salvation, sanctification, and God’s grace, mercy, and judgement. Most every Bible doctrine is first introduced in the book of Genesis.

TWO: TEXTUAL – The textual message is nearly the same as the exegetical message. You generally would use just one, two, or even a few texts that are either on the same subject or are subjects that are closely related to each other.

THREE: TOPICAL  – The topical message is also a great means of preaching from the Bible. Topical preaching is obviously preaching on individual subjects. Again, one should make sure that your messages cover a complete array of all that the Bible says on all the important subjects. Putting this type of message together is usually best accomplished by placing your points in proper order as you prepare the lesson.

This sermon section contains a series called “the abundant life series.” There are  ten messages that many people are often concerned about. What’s the most important thing in life? How do I know the will of God for my life? What is God’s purpose for life? How do I get the most out of life? Etc.